Monday, October 08, 2007

Tom Brady is a Cylon

I am a die-hard Cowboys fan, looking forward to tonight's game and even more so to next week. This causes a few jokes from my friends:
"So you remember that last year, I referred to the Cowboys as Romostar Gramatica? This year they are Romostar Folkasus. They are going to ram into a Patriotstar and explode, accidentally destroying the Colts. By then Gramatica will be all healed up so it can be Romostar Gramatica again, and then it turns out all the guys on Sportscenter are Cylons because they all hear the Monday Night Football theme over and over in the walls."

I was discussing the game today with another fan (and a reader/poster!)...
Starchild: What if Tony Romo is a Cylon?! That would explain why he is so good.
LAiaC: Nah, Romo is one of the good guys. Brady is a Cylon!

I want to make it perfectly clear that I'll be walking around in hostile territory, sporting my Romo jersey today, as I was shortly after their embarrassing loss to to the Seahawks last year. Go Cowboys!


New team name: Romosuck Folkarocks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alright, So...

Although I've missed BSG greatly, other shows like Heroes and...well, just Heroes have been filling that hole in my life. Anyhow, I'm viewing the season finale once again, and I'm could they do this to us?

First off, here is the fully updated list (Version 4.0)...

(1.) Brother Kabul
(2.) Tigh
3. D'Anna
(4.) Tyrol
5. Doral
6. Six
(7.) Anders
8. Sharon
(9.) Torri
(10.) Leobon
(11.) Simon the Doc
12. [TBD]

Those in parentheses have been assigned to a number through no merit or faults of their own, or labeling by the writers. Let's take these guys one at a time.

1. Brother Kabul. The was very ironic discovering him as a Cylon. I recall "Funny. I haven't seen you at any of the Cylon meetings...." Even more ironic is who he said this to. That's right, one of The Five, Chief Tyrol. I've got my complaints about him coming in a bit.

2. Colonel Tigh. Really? The guy who was with Admiral Adama during the beginning of the FIRST Cylon War? Well, I suppose that adds to the circular story-telling path that we've been taken down. All of this has happened before, and, well, you know the rest. I bet that came as a punch in the stomach to people who read up on all of RDM's literature that implied that anyone old being a Cylon would be impossible. Sneaky little man, he is, throwing us off his trail like that.

3. D'Anna. She came in one episode, wreaked a little havoc, then was revealed rather humorously in a was nice, quaint. Then one of the hers go a little loony and spiritual, and a couple of them are uptight.

4. Tyrol. Did Cally have the baby with someone else, or is their child just not important? Maybe it has something to do with being born of a human mother. In any case, the Chief as a Cylon doesn't make sense to me, but I suppose I'm willing to accept this.

5. Doral. Pretty dull, on the whole, in comparison to everyone else. He was a tool for Baltar to be able to point out someone and have it be an actual Cylon. Convenient and clever. I liked it.

6. Six. Almost too much to say about her. She's the mother of the Cylons, in a way. Always in extremes--the nurturer or the punisher. She's hardcore. Even when she's vulnerable and degraded, she's powerful. (PS, while I'm thinking of it, I totally called the Gaius = Jesus thing)

7. Anders. I have no outstanding objections. If Starbuck is a Cylon (I'll get to that one in a bit), then he's really acttracted to other robots. Sure, he was a resistance leader on the Capricas, Old and New, but all of the Five have shadows in their past. Really, how else would he have gotten his superhuman Pyramid skills?

8. Sharon. Mother of Hera, the hybrid that is going to....well, I don't know what Hera is really meant to or going to do, but she's important.

9. Torri. Why? Just...why? I see no point in making her a Cylon, but I'm sure it will carry forward in grandiose and important ways.

10. Leobon. A personal favorite of mine. He's pretty great. He comes in for an episode or two, and he screws around with Kara's mind. Sometimes she sees him and it isn't actually Leobon (maybe). He throws number 12 into question (oh, aren't you so excited to get there?).

11. Simon the Doc. Gave him the title just in case you forgot. He was there for the ovary farming episodes, and nothing much else. His little bit part plays a role in the decision about number 12...

12a. Starbuck. I've been told that is HAS to be her, give up on this "LAiaC" business. First off, why would the Seven be hunting her down and telling her she's got a destiny, a role to play, when they don't know who the Five are? How could they, as Cylons, do intense medical experimentation on her and not realize "Oh, hey, this chick's a Cylon, too...weird." The Seven were too disgusted to speak about the Five. It makes no sense for them to willingly associate with Starbuck in such an assertive way if she is a Cylon, even if they don't know (after ripping out her ovaries).

12b. Lee Adama. Sure, he wasn't drawn to that room with the other four. He had more important things to do. Instead, he finished the trial and immediately started running to suit up and fly out in his Viper as the rest of them were returning to their jobs. Then he hops out and joins up with his non-Cylon-but-still-special buddy, Starbuck. She tells them she's been to Earth and is going to take them there. I've just got too much invested in the LAiaC theory to take this lying down.

Secondly, "All Along the Watchtower". That song...when Colonel Tigh first said the opening line, I laughed out loud. Honestly..."All Along the Watchtower"? I guess it was one of the cooler montages leading into a random room I've seen in some time, but that's mostly because the song is so awesome. The spoken lyrics from the four of them...not so great. Best part of the whole deal is when Colonel Tigh comes into the room and says, "Whuuuuh."

"Sam, it's true. We're Cylons. And we have been from the start."

I'll see y'all in 2008.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Return of Good Episodes, The Return of Commentary

I almost thought of painting a sign and picketing the BSG Episode Factory these past two weeks. There wasn't really....substance to the previous two episodes, so had I posted anything, it would have been short, boring, and just a little mean. The difference this week was incredible. Let's jump to it (just a little pun for old time's sake).

As hokey as this romance is and as doomed for failure, I'll talk a little about Starbuck and Lee. She feels that this whole thing is "not a big deal", and Lee is all torn up. Why? Because this isn't the first time Starbuck has cheated. My guess is it's some kind of problem from her troubled past displaying itself, just like her tough attitude. Leobon touched on that. As far as Lee goes, he should be used to this whole guilt thing, sneaking around behind Billy's back in the early stages of his courtship with Dee. But I'm forgetting, Billy died so it's okay. If only we could arrange Dualla's death, Lee might be happy again. Well, that could happen, what with Cylons, nukes, and a supernova coming after them. Then this whole love quadrangle will be resolved with all four of them obliterated. Hooray, end of a nowhere plot line!

Is there a reason that Gaius looks like an artist's rendering of Jesus? Is he the one that the Basestar called "The Chosen One", or is that the Chief? The obvious pointer would be that he felt drawn to the temple, "I just got this urge to start...walking, and suddenly, here it is." That whole bit that Cally says about his reverence in the temple, "You should see the look on your face when you're in here. There's this...reverence. You even talk softer." "I feel something in here. Something true...the temple of five." What is the connection between the temple of five and the Cylon final five? I'll get to that in a bit.

By the way, when the Chief enters the temple and the shot pulls back...that is totally sweet. It's pretty obvious that when the light being focused down from a point near the ceiling hits the center of that circle, everything is going down. The final five will be revealed (unless the Cylons have got it all wrong), the star is going to go supernova, and the nukes are getting launched. It's all a question of precise timing.

I've always wondered how the writers decide when Adama is going to "take it on the speaker" and when to listen to a call on the headset. When the Cylons jump in and start talking, you would think he would say "patch it through down here" like he has done so many other times when it's a sensitive matter with the possibility of, say, a Cylon activation code being sent through the speakers making all of their sleeper Cylons go on a rampage.

This whole Gaius-Jesus thing has got me thinking...what if Caprica, Baltar, and D'Anna are supposed to emulate the Triune God of Christianity? In that order it would be Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit. Maybe this whole thing is just because Cylon hair doesn't grow. does, and they just kill themselves and download into a new body when they need a trim. I imagine it's hard to find a barber shop on a Basestar. "The five lights of the apocalypse rising, struggling towards the light, sins revealed only to those who enter the temple, only to the Chosen One. The Chosen One. The Chosen One. The Chosen One. The Chosen One. The Chosen One. The Chosen One." Repeated seven times. Maybe the Son and Holy Spirit really do need to leave the Mother for the world to have the sins revealed.

One of the best lines in this episode when Brother Kabul says, "Yes, we come in peace." What a creepy little man.

Is Laura pregnant? She left the Cylon show-down meeting with a stomachache and is looking a little plump...that might explain why Laura is on Galactica for so much of the time. Later on, she reads, "Five pillars of the temple were fashioned after the five priests devoted to the one whose name cannot be--" There is the reason why the Chief feels that there is a real presence. He's probably a Cylon, really believes in the Cylon God...all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. Based on Leobon's talks with Kara, that is something that both faiths embrace. Perhaps these 5 priests are the final 5 Cylons in this time through the story. The one they are devoted to takes on a very Jewish face, with an unspeakable or unknowable name. This gives the god of the temple a distinctly monotheistic feel, excepting the Ephesians and their temple to the unknown god (Just in case we missed someone! Please don't get mad at us, Zeus! We didn't mean to forget your 134th son, honest!). So...this is probably a temple to the one Cylon God. I remember there being something about Jupiter from a previous episode that Gaius and D'Anna were fussing about....the connection between the gods of the humans and the God of the Cylons. Is the Eye of Jupiter the face of the Cylon God?

Now...who are the final five?

Monday, December 04, 2006

I Must Apologize

I am sorry for my inattentiveness to the blog over the past few weeks. Things have gotten really busy for me (again), and this is something that had to be sacrificed. In a week and a half, I will answer all of your questions and comments. Until then, keep commenting and please leave everything on the most recent post. It is an unfortunate part of the blog setup, so if you want people other than me to notice your comment, post on the latest thread.

Happy watching,
LAiAC. (Really, he is. I still believe it.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Torn, Too.

Alright, so is Gaius a Cylon or not? Just when I had myself convinced they weren't going to let Gaius be one of the models, they come out with an episode like this (which was incredible, in case anyone didn't notice).

I loved the way they played up the other 5 that "we don't talk about". Do our 7 revealed Cylons know what any of the 5 look like? One of my thoughts is that the other 5 didn't want to destroy humanity in the first place or were otherwise errant and cast away. Maybe they are one-body models, never being resurrected or recopied. Or, perhaps they have a fleet of their own, complete with women in bathtubs squeaking "Jump!". Even better yet, these could be earlier models cloned and altered from human DNA. Who knows? I'm thrilled about this new plot line.

Now, Gaius...there is something. After watching this week's episode, I went back and rewatched last week's. The previews at the end of the show included the scene between Gaius and his P-Six, or Projection-Six, where he asks, "Am I a Cylon?" This reconfirmed my belief that spoilers spoil things. I'm not sure what to write about the new character development on Gaius, other than it's not actually that new. He has questioned his identity in the past, only now it is based on more concrete facts from his perspective. He does projection, this thing standard to all Cylon models, to escape the world around him, make everything seem better. (Not to mention the fact that he was blown up by nuclear bombs.) The only issue with projection being a concrete fact is that Caprica-Six woke up in the rebirthing chamber to find a mental Gaius standing over her, and she seemed suprised and interacted with it. To adapt an earlier theory of mine, maybe it was some kind of cross-over in programming during the download process where the other mind was imprinted in the Cylon subconscious. The other mind would simply then play out in the projections, an experience that seems rather tangible. (Instead of losing his mind, this means that Gaius has gained an extra!)

As a different kind of tangible diversion, here is a picture from a recent family birthday. I got a kick out of this cake (decorated with a plastic bag with a hole in it, no less!).

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oi Vey.

I have been overwhelmed with business, but fear not! I have been watching the stories unfold.

Leobon did lie, this is true. I'm going to have to think about this for a bit. Maybe a metaphorical "our child" like Six and Baltar? He went into too much detail for that, though. "They salvaged your ovaries, I fertilized them, and then...this is your daughter." I'll look at that dialog again.

Interesting thing to note--Gaeta is doodling in the opening sequences of the episode. He has drawn a sword and what appears to be part of a tree. I can't think of a direct significance, but maybe one of you can.

Going back to a previous episode, Roslyn says that Hera may very well be "the shape of things to come"--a line taken directly from Six's dialog with Gaius on Kobol. The priestess in that episode was incredible. "Mm...Kamallah so bitter..."

That's all I've got time for's time to get the nose back to the grindstone. Hopefully I'll be able to play catch-up sometime and give you a full exposition on episodes past. Until then, feel free to discuss!

Monday, October 09, 2006

A New Crew in Town

I was recently told about a music video on the Sci-fi site that is, dare I say, frakkin' awesome.

Link here:

Check it out, it's even more worth it than the webisodes.